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For one reason or another you’ve decided to undertake a repair job on your car; it could be the soccer-mom minivan, the weekday station car, or the classic weekend road demon, but it needs parts and it needs them now.  The question is where to purchase them. The three options we’ll discuss in this article are:

  1. The Online Only/E-Commerce Giants like Amazon & Rock Auto,
  2. The Regional/Local Chain Auto Parts Store (AutoZone, O’Reilly, NAPA), and
  3. The Local Mom & Pop Auto Parts Store.
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posted by: Ray Guarino

Official Car Advertisement Conversion Chart
How To Interpret Antique Car Ads



Rare model

Nobody liked them when new, either

Older restoration

Can't tell it's been restored

Needs engine work

It’s been siezed for 30 years

Uses no oil

Just leaks it out

No rust

Body and fenders missing


It's too bad to lie about

One owner

Never been able to sell

No time to complete

Can't find parts anywhere

Needs interior

Seats are gone

Rebuilt engine

Has new spark plugs

May run

But never has

Low mileage

Third time around

29 coats of hand-rubbed paint

Needed that much to cover the rust


It sat in the rain yesterday

Always driven slowly

About what I expect to get

Prize winner

Hard Luck Trophy 3 times in a row

Stored 25 years

Under a tree

Real show stopper

Orange with purple fenders

Easy restoration

Parts will come off in your hands

Ready to show

Just washed it

Top is good

Only leaks when it rains

Good investment

Can't depreciate any more

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posted by: Joe D.

From MotorMouth Radio's Sunday, October 14th, 2017 show at 12 noon.

  1. I have this noise...
  2. Only happens on Tuesdays...
  3. Just clear the light...
  4. The Internet said to...
  5. Shouldn't be too hard...
  6. I am a mechanic...
  7. After you changed this...
  8. Is it done yet?...
  9. The other mechanic said...
  10. [Big Parts Chain] said it was...
  11. Read the instructions, right?...
  12. It's my wife's car...
  13. It only happens sometimes...
  14. It costs too much...
  15. It's just a car....
  16. Will it pass emissions?...
  17. It's just a car... (stated twice for emphasis, it's not just a car to us.)
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posted by: Ray Guarino

We’ve all come across the situation during a project where we need a bracket that has a flat on one end and a circular end on the other AND turns 90° to facilitate mounting a part and we know it’s not offered in any restoration catalog. Some guys would resort to the old standby of using a zip tie or duct tape, others look at the challenge as an opportunity to stretch the limits of their creativity and make a one-off part like the ones seen below on Ray’s resto-mod GTO project.

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posted by: Rolling Thunder Cycles

ETHANOL 101 courtesy of Rolling Thunder Cycles

What you need to know about E10/ethanol fuel

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