Back around April 18th, 2010 Ray received a package sent to the radio station.

Golly, what do you think it could be???



Ray recognized the handwriting instantly and thought better of soaking it in a sink full of water.

Then we thought better of that silly decision and soaked it in water anyway.




Now who would send Ray a box? Someone obviously affected by something Ray said on the show, perhaps.

They waited a few more minutes before opening, as to make certain that it was not ticking.



Oh, look . . . it's from Howie "The Big Man" himself.


Oh, Howie sent a small package of explosive . . . that explains the tin foil. The guys know how to handle that.

Good thing Chris is wearing his protective paper crash helmet.






That's no explosive! It's cake!

Cake that looked like it exploded, but that's a matter of opinion.

The guys obviously think so.






That's right!

It was Howie's Birthday, and Ray ask for a piece of birthday cake while on the air.

Howie took the time to box up some cake and send it to Ray . . .

Imagine that.




There it is.

A hunk of Howie's birthday cake . . . ready to eat.



. . . and, once again Robbie is riveted.

Photo courtesy Miss Dawn & Chris