We talk with Louis Lee from AllEndsMag.com on the subject of his on line automotive magazine, his special truck project and a weekly blabcast he shares with Lou Santiago called "Playing in Traffic." Louis is getting it done!
A parts house specializing in Pontiacs and on speed-dial in Ray's cell phone, Ames Performance is the place to go for all the parts you need for your classic Pontiac.
After filming an episode of Motorhead Garage, we talked with Marketing & Product Manager, Chris Habel and Sales Director Joe Asfour of
AMS Automotive on how they were able to keep up with Sam & Dave.
We spoke with Chris Wahl and Matt Sucich from Arthur Gould Rebuilders in Kings Park Long Island! They even impressed pro restorer Kenny Hammer and Andy Perillo from the Autoseum, who were both in the studio.
We spoke with renown pinstriper, Artie Schilling on how he's throwing the famous "Artie's Party" this time at the Syracuse Nationals. Even the interview was a party!
One of the greatest ideas MotorMouth Radio is involved with is the brain child of Mike Manning & Andy Perillo, called the "Autoseum" and it's going to be located on Long Island!
Bill Carberry from Cap A Radiator in Farmingdale is the MotorMouth Radio expert on automotive heating and cooling, and a frequent guest on the show.
One of the greatest supporters of MotorMouth Radio is our favorite Public Relations / Marketing / Ad Consultant, along with the Editor of "The Car Guy Chronicles," Marty Schorr who keeps us up tp date on all the lunch action!
One of the most informative automotive blogs and a good friend of MotorMouth Radio is Glenn "The Carhunter." Check out the adventures, insight and opinions of one of the best in the business.
Some of MotorMouth Radio’s greatest interviews were set up through the help of the fine folks at Car-Tech Books. Andrea does her to give us the “big sell” to her authors, so we don’t have to fall to our knees and grovel.
We knew we were going to learn a great deal from Tony Candela, author of "Automotive Wiring & Electrical Systems," we even brought Joe D in to insure we wouuldn't be left in the dust by the amount of knowledge coming at us.
A car club that single handedly adopted MotorMouth Radio into their fold, The Centurion Cruisers are a collection of law enforcement professionals the The MotorMouths always want on their side!
One of the leading experts in the Corvette field, Kevin Mackay from Corvette Repair Inc. has had the dubious honor of sitting in with
The MotorMouths two weeks in a row. The stories were that good!
Always ready to set The MotorMouth Radio phones on fire, Pat Sepe from Dial Transmission in Merrick has never failed in giving great advice, or keeping the callers and co-hosts in check.
The only place where Motion Performance Camaros will be sold is at the DeNooyer Chevrolet's Performance Division in Albany. Just ask for the General Manager, Dan Carlton and he'll be happy to hook you up.
We spoke with Marty Schlute from Eclipse Sunshades briefly due to the fact that Ray spent most of the interview touting how well the product worked. So much so that Marty made him and honorary East Coast Rep.
When The MotorMouths met some of the members of The Exceeding Limits Truck Club they were blown away by their passion and creativity. A true example of a great truck club.
One of the best people to talk about the new Italian gem, Studio Manager Cammy Mizrahi and Sales Assistant Mike Germana from Fiat of Westbury. They promised to tell us about all the Fiats headlines when they happen.
The MotorMouths recieved a wealth of information when they spoke with Galen Govier of Galen's Tag Service the premiere authority on identifing the fender tag on your Mopar product. A great resource!
Lou Santiago, one of the most versitle car builders and car show hosts sat down to chat with us more than once. Recently he's been involved with "Garage Insider TV" and "Playing In Traffic" with Louis Lee
Jay Eastgate and the staff at the 100 Foot Drags have become fast friends of The MotorMouths. They're at Riverhead Raceway once a month over the summer . . . Check 'em out!
JLN Media is a full service audio and video facility that specializes in high tech multi-media. Why Jimmy Newson gets a kick out of shooting two "low tech" guys like The MotorMouths is beyond us.
A "High Tech" supporter of the "Low Tech" MotorMouth Radio Show is
John Rogers from JWR Automotive Diagnostics. John is the one to call when everyone else can't figure it out . . .and he calls Joe D
"Obi Don Cannoli" if he can't figure it out
Got to hand it to the Long Island Buick Club . . . they're a busy bunch, and rightly so because they have "THE BIG MAN" for a
Co-Activities Director
MotorMouth Radio favorites, Artie Capelle and Rob Mirabile from
Long Island Chevelles know something about the power of the media, you can catch their television show on public access.
Having a natural affection for big Cadillacs, The MotorMouths are big fans of the Long Island Dreamboats, and try to make every car show these guys promote.
Every year we get to see the L.I. GTO Club, at Crab Meadow Beach in Northport to give away the illustrious MotorMouth Radio Trophy. It's always a fantastic event!
We talk with Ron Stone about the benefits of using his product
Magic Bullet, the Advanced Fuel Treatment. You'd be surprised with what he had to say. Chris & Ray were impressed.
One of MotorMouth Radio's greatest supporters is Mark Trotta. Originally from Long Island and now residing in North Carolina, Mark put together one cool website called Mark's Classic Car Garage. And here's his page dedicated to Ray's GTO.
The phones always light up when MotorMouth Radio's favorite "Inside Man" comes into the studio, Peter Burd from Moonlighting Coachworks in Bohemia knows his way around all interiors and convertible tops.
A great person behind the scenes at MotorMouth Radio has been Nichole Schiele from Motorbooks/MBI Publishing. She has been instrumental in getting some great people to actually talk with us.
It is a rare treat to speak with "Mr. Motion" Joel Rosen from
. The excitement was in his voice as he spoke of his new MOTION Camaro, . . . and also reliving the days cruzin' through Brooklyn when he was a teen.
When Patrick Freyer, President of On Spot Tire Chains showcased his product on MotorHead Garage, we had him tell us all about it on the air. Now if they can give all of us a reality show of our own!
It’s not often we stumble upon another radio show that share the same hysterical values as we do. That show is Nostalgic Radio & Cars hosted by “Robert.” Listen to the free form production and you’ll hear what we’re talking about.
Patrick Freyer, President of On Spot Tire Chains in Bridgeport is so good, he can make the subject of tire chains something to talk about. His latest interview had The MotorMouths rolling! Good times. Great radio!
Racing legend George Snizek, the original driver of the AA/A roadster the "Tasmanian Devil" and the crew of Pacers Auto are a MotorMouth Radio favorite and a constant source of drag racing stories.
The MotorMouths love to hear about the "Fastest Couple on Long Island" Andrew & Dina Parise from Dina Parise Racing. The media spotlight usually shines on Dina, but we're still keeping the Andrew fan club strong.
We spoke to Alan Pickering from PerformaBuilt Transmissions in Pa. on everything from high performance transmissions to the correct way to treat an Italian car. He was a great interview!
One of the premiere engine builders & a "Perennial Producer" of MotorMouth Radio (He knows everybody!) Dennis Quitoni of Performance Services always keeps The MotorMouths rich in history!
We spoke with the Director of Sales and Marketing, Jim Hairston of Pertronix Performance Products and he mentioned to The MotorMouths that he's also the owner of Hairston Motorsports & Racing . . . now THAT'S a car guy!
Here is where any one of the "Fantastic Five" Motion Camaros
will be built. Howard Tanner, the master builder and owner of
RedLine Motorsports
will see that every car be built to order.
We talked with Bob O'Connor, the Events Director for RightCoastCars.com and their involvement with the Syracuse Nationals, one of the biggest car shows on the East Coast, with 2013 being its 14th Year.
There's always a microphone waiting for Gerard from Rolling Thunder in scenic downtown Hempstead, since it's a well known fact that he needs to be "shanghaied" into the studio at a moment's notice.
Sometimes you find an individual across the country that you feel you share a certain kinship with. Cartech author, Scotty Gosson is one of those individuals and his blogsite, Scotty Gosson Exposed proves just that!
It was time to dispel some of the myths concerning motor oil, so we reached out to John Dunne, Speciality Sales Manager for Spectro Oils America to get a wealth of slick information.
When The MotorMouth Radio Automotive Appraiser Extraordinaire, Steve Linden steps up to the microphone, the show is always filled with great information, good advice, and some classic stories!
A true encyclopedia of most anything automotive and one who proves his wealth every time you see him on Barrett Jackson is Steve Magnante. Or read his technical and feature stories in HOT ROD, CAR CRAFT and MUSCLE CAR REVIEW magazines. Catch up on what he’s doing on stevemags.com
Patrick Cassino, owner of The Sun Auto Group sat down with Chris & Ray at the insistance of MotorMouth Radio "Aficionado" Kenny Hammer. It's good to speak with a dealer that's actually a "car guy!"
The MotorMouths spoke with a true automotive professional, Dustin Burr from Wilwood Engineering on what would be the proper way to stop Ray's ol' goat.