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Ever since the beginning of 2010, there is a 1:30 min montage played at the start of every MotorMouth Radio Show. That montage is what Chris & Ray affectionally call the "Promo." This Promo has become a virtual "who's who" of the individuals that invade the airwaves along with The MotorMouths.

It has become the realization that the listeners and guests on these Promos have instantly entrenched themselves in MotorMouth Radio history so much so that individuals will say almost anything to find their voice on one.

Listen for yours...

1st Promo - 11/16/06 2nd Promo - 1/06/07
3rd Promo - 8/24/09 4th Promo - 1/13/10
5th Promo - 5/13/10 6th Promo - 9/22/10
7th Promo - 1/22/11 8th Promo - 5/27/11
9th Promo - 9/22/11 10th Promo - 1/14/12
11th Promo - 5/23/12 12th Promo - 9/15/12
13th Promo - 1/02/13 14th Promo - 5/26/13
15th Promo - 9/30/13 16th Promo - 1/18/14
17th Promo - 5/21/14 18th Promo - 10/7/14
19th Promo - 3/12/15
For any radio stations that need Sunday morning programming, here's the MotorMouth Radio "Demo" Check it out here!
Did you get to hear the
MotorMouth Radio Promo
that we stole from Rob Leonard's
Sunday Morning Free-For All?
Check it out!!