Here is Dan Fazzina.
He was tired of paying a lot of money for fuel. . . so he decided to cash in his '84 Mercury Marquis, for a better idea. . .

He hocked the farm, and bought this slick Mercedes diesel. With the help of a company called "GreaseCar," he converted the Mercedes to run on vegetable oil.

  Not much to it, really. The only visable cue to the conversion from this angle, is the red hose that runs coolant to the back of the car to heat the vegetable oil tank.
Here is the tank that holds the vegetable oil. It sits in the place of the spare tire.

This is how Dan gets the vegetable from the restaurant establishments he deals with.

Did we mention that this is waste oil the businesses have to get rid of, anyway. . .so he gets te stuff for free.

Did you hear that?! Free!!


Dan was also kind enough to show The - ever so confused - MotorMouths how to re-fuel the GreaseCar Mercedes.

Check out that trunk lid prop rod, and the hook assembly holding the filter bag. . .this set-up is definitely "low tech!"

The vegetable oil runs through the filter, passed the funnel, and straight into the tank - as The MotorMouths cheered.

These filters are fine enough to catch any little "do-hickeys," or "diddleybobs" floating around in the oil.

Dan also mentioned that some of the best quility oil he receives, comes from spanish restaurants.


Here he is, ready to break more personal distance records in his GreaseCar Mercedes. . . while he laughs at the rest of us.

He doesn't even mind the taco smell omitting from the tailpipe!!



Interested? Here's the website. It's proudly displayed on the rear window of the Mercedes.

Wave when you see him.