I swear this actually happened . . . .

During the now famous MotorMouth Radio Safari Trip, our heroes spotted an ancient can of transmission fluid sitting in quiet repose atop a large rock.


The old can looked to have seen many years on that perch, due to its extremely weathered condition.

It also appeared to have seen many ancient battles, due to its varied scars and dents.


The MotorMouths waited patiently until the sun hung low in the sky, and the battered old can slowly fell to sleep.

Then they took it . . .

    Back home in the suburbs, the little old can looks right at home, making rust rings on the new Guarino stoop cement.

Never will it have to be lonely out on the old rock . . . or will it have to endure harsh battles in the wild.

Here's Ray holding his new prize antique can of Transmission Fluid.

Here's Ray's reaction after I suggested we actually pour that old crap into one of his automatics . . .

Photoe coutesy Chris