Chris & Ray caught up with Elliott Weiner, President of the Long Island Thunderbird Club and Dennis Benfante from The Thunderbird Owners of New York putting on their Third Annual Thuunderbid & Ford Show at Syosset Ford on July 18th, 2010

Here are some of the pics taken from the show with the MotorMouths hard at work on one of the hottest days of the year!

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Well here's Dennis' car, and Elliott's too . . . so where the heck are they?!


Oh well . . . Chris & Ray decided to take in some of the show. Here's a fine looking Maverick that walked away with a plaque.


While Chris was going on and on about all he knew about Ford Starliners, Ray walked away and took this picture.


With cigar and water bottle in hand, Ray is ready to take on the car show.

      Oops, too late . . . that's Elliott Weiner, President of The Long Island Thunderbird Club giving Ray a list of what he has to do.

As Elliot is writing "sweep up lot" on the index card, Dennis Benfante from the Thunderbird Owners of New York tries to shoot Ray with his finger.


Chris politely asks Elliott if there's a chive in his tooth.


Before The MotorMouths dole out the awards, there was a minute for a group shot . . . now what are those MotorMouths up to now?

Ray & Chris get some late minute instruction before getting the microphone.
  During the raffle, a "mystery woman" was asked to pick the winning tickets . . . she was good at it, too.

Ray acts as security as Dennis and Elliott get the prizes together.

While Elliott is announcing the winners, Ray takes it upon himself to step up and admire his can.

"I've never seen a can like that," he told Elliott. "You should be proud!"


Ah, the moment has arrived, The MotorMouths are on the air . . . so to speak.


Ray is explaining that all of the index cards he is holding represent all of the trophy winners and that they have to be read out loud.

"You're kidding, right?" says Chris.

So, with one glance of all of those names on the cards, the boys break into, "That 'Ol Gal Of Mine," while Dennis cringes.



"No, really. . . " Ray tries to convince, "we're available for bar-mitzvahs, too!"

At that moment Dennis prompts the boys to start reading off names before he starts swinging the prize jar.



"Can you read this?"

"I can't even SEE it!"

"Somebody better get Elliott ..."


The MotorMouths do their best to read Elliott's handwriting. Dennis is reacting to the fact that Ray just read off a name correctly.

Security did its best to keep the crowd back, but occasionally a disgruntled, mispronounced named, listener gets through.

Hinting that the excitement has taken on a fever pitch, both Dennis and Elliot are caught checking how much longer before they drag The MotorMouths away in a net.


Chris did his best to stay away from the index cards and just stuck with the holding of the microphone duties.


"I would do better if I used my broadcast voice???"

"This IS my broadcast voice!"


"Do you think we'd do better if we were over there in the shade?"

"Not really . . no"

As Elliott ran off the rest of the winners, Ray decided to do his imitation of the "Drunken Lawn Ornament"

As Elliott rallies up the crowd with the infamous "Claude" award (yep, there is such a thing) Chris decides to cop a snooze on his shoulder.

As Elliott was wrapping up the festivities, Ray did his best to keep the staff from removing the folding table.

The trophies are doled out . . . and the crowd is out of there!

Sure! We step away for one lousy cheeseburger and everybody splits!
Photo courtesy Miss Dawn