St. Patrick School hosted its Third Annual Car Show on Sunday, April 20th, 2008
The MotorMouths were there, having fun and causing a rukus.

Here are some of the pics taken from the show . . . oh, and a special thanks goes to John Forlenza and
Dina Parise for coaxing the MotorMouth Radio webmaster (on the air, I might add) to get the pictures up in a timely manner.


Here are The MotorMouths with
"your host," John Forlenza.
We got him to stop long enough to actually take this picture.


Quite a turnout at the St. Patrick's
Car Show, even the day was perfect.


I wonder if they were able to get weather connections from above.


Here's (from l. to r.) Ray Guarino,
Chris Switzer, Dina Parise from
Parise Racing,
St. Pat's Car Show Organizer
John Forlenza, and Stingray Elvis

    We caught Andrew Parise, from
Parise Racing in charge of taking pictures for the team.
      The MotorMouths even got a shot with Stingray Elvis, Chris even tried to give Elvis his best "lip."

Chris and Ray with MotorMouth Radio "Sergeant At Arms"
Dennis - The Goatman - Kulak.

Dennis is doing his best Tony Monaro impersonation to make Chris feel right at home.


It's MotorMouth Radio,
The Military Vehicle Club, John Forlenza, and Parise Racing
. . . all in one shot

  The Military Vehicle Club stands at ease with Andrew Parise's Corvette Pro Mod Drag Car.
Here's Chris asking Jerry Faldetta, from Full Throttle Hod Rod Magazine, if anyone would notice if he mixed up the trophies.
  As John Forlenza is introducing
The MotorMouths, Chris and Ray are having a hard time finding the stage.
  Chris starts off The MotorMouth Radio festivities by yellling at everyone in the back to pay attention.
To build the mood, Chris breakes into a rendition of "My Girl," while Ray does
"a capella" in the background.

The MotorMouths also have a serious journalistic side.

Here's the shot they're going to send to CNN when applying for a job.


Tough to figure this one out; either Ray is stating how he wishes his car was at the St. Pat's Car Show.

Or he's starting a joke with, "Two ducks walk into a bar..."

Or he's doing his rendition of, "I'm a little teapot."

Some great cars showed up at the St. Patrick's Car Show, like The Batmobile.

The Batmobile couldn't help to draw a crowd the entire day.


Say . . . isn't that John Forlenza's '57 Chevy peeking out from behind The Batmobile?

Here's a cool inside shot of
The General Lee.

The Night Rider Firebird also was able to make it to the show.

That's Micky, the owner of the car, with his back tio the camera.

Here's Dina Parise's '67 Camaro that she races for Parise Racing.
It was a real treat to see Andrew Parise's 53 Corvette Pro Mod at the show.
" want me to get in, where?"
Ray is studying the contents under the hood, while Chris "mugs it up" for the camera.

The St. Pat's Car Show kept going strong late into the afternoon.

It almost looks like a small town, right in the parking lot.

All pics taken by Miss Kellie