This time every spring, John Forlenza has the St. Patrick's School Car Show
in Smithtown, Long Island. This fifth annual get-together was held on
April 11th, 2010 and a good time was had by all.

Here are some of the pics taken from the show with the MotorMouths hard at work.

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Our first stop was at the tent of Long Island's very own
Marty Himes, of the Long Island Racing Museum in Bay Shore.

Here The MotorMouths are in the process of bribing Marty to come back on the show.


John Forlenza (left) promised a prize for the first person that ran up to him and said,"I heard you on MotorMouth Radio, now gimme my damn prize!"

That's Exceeding Limits Truck Club President, Robbie Rob with a "Bucket O' Prizes" for being the first person to do so.


That's Ray sitting in the mechanic's seat of the running '09 Alco with its owner
Howard Kroplick behind the wheel.

"So c'mon," Ray is saying to him, "Drop this thing in gear and let's go for a spin!"


Chris is too amazed to ask Howard an actual question about the car . . .


The next stop for The Motormouths was at the Haunted Mansion car.

Ray instantly notice it was a striking resemblance to one of his old cars, while Chris was noticing that it bared a shocking resemblance to his old house.


Hey, look who we caught trying to sneak out the side door!

It's the Goatman himself, looking dapper in his rolling, army issue "Jeepster."


The "Dukes" Tent was buzzing with activity as we got there.


Behind the t-shirts are
Billy Wondolowski from Eastport Plaza Deli, and
Tom Sarmento, Lead Mechanic for the "Dukes of Hazzard" TV Series.

. . . and we got to finally meet Tom face to face!
  . . . and here's what he's been up to, lately.

While we were there, one of the guests of MotorMouth Radio, Joe Dantuono and his son Mike paid us a visit.

Check out that cool shirt Mike is wearing!!


Ray snapped a much better picture than Chris did. . . .

When nobody was looking, Chris & Ray jumped into Billy's General Lee and did some impromptu Bo & Luke imitations.

Billy Wondolowski is here reminding The MotorMouths to never quit their day job . . .


Ray is admiring Billy's other ride, a '67 Mustang fastback that he also brought to the show.


And you can tell the show is winding down, at this point . . .

John Forlenza is ready for a nap.

Photo courtesy Ray Guarino, John Forlenza, Chris Switzer