It's the saga of Ray and his relay . . . Let's take this story from the top.

Ray wants to rig his GTO with some free flow, uninterrupted electrical power for his headlights. The adverage 60's era beige beam T3 luminance will not do for this nighttime drivin' junkie . . . no no no.

He's got a plan.


You may think this is just your everyday voltage regulator, but note the two gangs of wires underneath...


Ahhh, but things may not seem as they appear under the hood in Ray's world. . . this regulator holds two headlight relays ready to handle the one point twenty one gigawatts of power to the beams.

Check out the look on that man's face . . . he knows what he's talking about!


A close up of the relay package shows the relays nestled together nicely.


Pretty slick, eh?



It's so slick, Chris can't even hold the camera still.

  Photo courtesy Chris