Here is a collection of some of the finest fashion trendsetters ever captured on film. These stately individuals wag their finger at ridicule, and embrace the slightly insane. They say to the world, "I don't care if you think I have bad radio taste, I'm going to listen anyway!"

In other words, they have more guts than brains walking around wearing a MotorMouth Radio T-Shirt, and are willing to be photographed doing so.

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Dennis Benfante - President of the
"Thunderbird Owners Of New York"

Drew Parise From Dina Parise Racing totally knows how to ruin a MotorMouth Radio t-shirt!

Hats off to him!

If he keeps ruining them like this, we'll have no choice but to provide him with more!

When Glen is facing a full day of installs, he's ready in his MotorMouth Radio t-shirt.
The shirt has hidden quilities that will keep him balanced high on the ladder.
Here's G-Rod, on the road heading to South Carolina just to turn around and come back . . . When doing something so outlandish, it's always good to be wearing a MotorMouth Radio t-shirt.
Always a MotorMouth Radio favorite, Kenny Hammer shows off his slick & exotic t-shirt around the shop. Check out those projects around him!  
Here's Jonathan Klinger from Hagerty Insurance completing the valve job on the Mighty Model A. Hey! Is that a MotorMouth Radio shirt he's wearing?!   With the help of his friend Randy, Jonathan lowers the head onto the block. He's lookin' like he knows what he's doing with that slick shirt on!   With the job almost complete, Jonathan owes it all to the MotorMouth Radio t-shirt! Check out how he's doing at 365 Days of A.
Here's Marilyn, hard at work on her diesel van with her MotorMouth Radio
Drew Parise from
Parise Racing
with the best use
of a MotorMouth Radio T-Shirt

Ray's Niece Amy sent these shots of her daughters sporting their favorite MotorMouth Radio outerwear.

Check out the car up on the jack! Awesome!

Darryl Raiford from
Colvin Auto Parts
in Merrick shows off his BMW
and his slick matching MMR T-Shirt
Rob Stuck from Gunk Industries at the NHRA Carolinas Nationals next to a
"Kris Krome" bike.
Paul Noetzel at the Queen's Farm Motorcycle Show
In the garage with Rob's son Ryan Noetzel
Dennis "The Goatman," Centurion Cruiser "Seargent At Arms" & MotorMouth Radio regular,
with a little teriyaki sauce
running right up the middle . . .
Jennifer Wilson, the wife of
Danny Wilson from
Gold Coast Motorsports
Dennis Benfante, Pres. of the
"Thunderbird Owners Of New York"
  In the garage with Rob Noetzel
With Steve, from Fresh Meadows
at the Cradle Of Aviation.
  Larry Montanez, formerly of I-CAR
Our "Big Bubbala"
Howie Schneider, vacationing
w/ his daughter Stephanie.
Rob Noetzel, with his "Johnson"
At the Englishtown Swap Meet,
April '07