On May 25th The Centurion Crusiers got together with Full Throttle Hot Rod Magazine for a photo shoot in the studio parking lot of MotorMouth Radio.

Here are some of the "behind the scenes" pics of how it all turned out . . .


Okay, here's the plan . . .


We take Shane Baker, from Full Throttle Hot Rod Magazine, and send him up fifty feet in the air in this Cherry Picker to get an arial shot of the Centurion Crusiers cars.

Sounds easy, doesn't it?


As Shane gets ready in the bucket, the rest of the Cruisers begin to line up their rides.

Notice how an impromptu meeting breaks out as "car 4" is gettting ready to be lined up for the shot.

These guys run a tight ship!


Taking refuge a safe distance away, are the rest of the Crusiers.

These are the smart ones . . .


Ray Guarino from MotorMouth Radio ponders how he can get a lift like this between the rear wheels of his '55 Nomad.

      The Crusiers convince Shane to drop his wallet and valuables on the ground, just in case nobody remembers the procedue for getting him back down.

Frank Ruvelo, President of The Centurion Crusers, takes over the duty of lining up the cars.


Shane Baker looks over the area to size up his shot, and takes a moment to remember if his life insurance is fully paid up.


Before the chaos begins, Chris Switzer, from MotorMouth Radio took a moment to grab a shot with Full Throttle Editor, Jerry Faldetta.

Timing is everything in this business.

We also got a shot of Ray Guarino with Jerry Faldetta as well, just in case things got busy later on.
  One of the Centurion Crusiers and MotorMouth Radio "Seargent At Arms" Dennis - The Goatman - Kulak was out sporting his cool disco shades.

While they're getting ready to fire up the lift, one of the Cruisers stumble on the button labeled "catapault."

After much chuckling, the boys thought better of themselves.


It looks like the cars are almost
ready to go . . .


Okay Ray . . . .look like you know what you're doing.


... no laughing.

. . . that's better.
Our MotorMouth Radio camera spots Crusier President Frank Ruvelo doing some last minute touches to his Chevelle before the Full Throttle Hot Rod cameras starts clicking.


From this angle, it looks like the cars are ready to go.

Didn't I say these guys run a tight ship?!


It was finally time to put down the operating manual, and get Shane in the air.

The Crusiers watch in awe . . .
He's not up high enough, yet.
. . . still climbing.
. . getting there . . .

. . holy poop!


That's high.


Here's where Shane is in relation to the cars.

Quite a drop, isn't it?

It sure is lonely at the top. . .

The Crusiers actually requested Chris and Ray to get their cars into the shot . . . but only if they stuck them waaaaaay in the back.

Here's a "back lot" view of Shane in the bucket.


The MotorMouths were amazed to see Mike "Smokin" Simms at the shoot.

He knew to find The MotorMouths in the back row.


Even MotorMouth Radio Manager, and host of the "Free For All"
Rob Leonard staggered out to see what was going on.

Here he is with Co-Host
Ray Guarino.


We couldn't believe it either, but Mike Simms and Centurion Cruiser President Frank Ruvelo actually grew up together.

Here's the shot that actually proves they know one another.

Who knew?!


Mike is in the process of asking Frank what he has to do to get into a club like this.

Not The Cruisers . . . but a club like The Cruisers, mind you.


After an extensice phote shoot, and being able to successfully get Shane back down, we got into the studio just as Rob Leonard was wrapping up the "Free For All."

There's Jerry getting ready to rock with The MotorMouths.



There's Shane . . all smiles after we got him back down from his perch.


Jerry Faldetta, Editor of
Full Throttle Hot Rod on the air with the The MotorMouths -
May 25th, 2008.


Full Throttle Hot Rod's Creative Director, Shane Baker on the air with The Motormouths -
May 25th, 2008


Here are Chris, Shane, Jerry & Ray after a great hour on the air.

Jerry and Shane were on their way to another photo shoot in Brooklyn, while The MotorMouths were ready for a nap.


After a hard photo shoot, nobody knows how to relax better than Dennis - The Goatman - Kulak.

Here he is "cooling out" in the studio.


It was a good day with Full Throttle Hot Rod Magazine, and The Centurion Crusiers . . and we're hoping for many more.

All pics courtesy Chris & Ray