The East Neck Auto Service Center hosted their
"2nd Annual Hot Rod & Race Car Show"
in West Babylon on August 23rd, 2009
lots of hot rods, and old time drag racing machinery!
The weather was hot, and the rides were hotter!

Here are some of the pics taken from the show with the MotorMouths hard at work.

Check out the Scott Snizek Photo Page from the East Neck Show!

Here's Ray & Chris with
John Careccia (center) from East Neck Auto Service who did a masterful job organizing the event.


That's noted Long Island Drag Racing Legend Billy Lynch (center) shaking hands and kissing babies in the East Neck Auto Service showroom. That's his dragster in the foreground.


Hey, look what's stuck to Dennis Quitoni's fuel altered!

It's a MotorMouth Radio bumper sticker!


We got a shot of Ray snapping a picture of it.

      That's the man who violated his race car with the MMR sticker, Dennis Quitoni, from Performance Services in West Hempstead

Dennis is one of those unique individuals that writes out copy for The MotorMouths to read . . .

. . . don't believe me? See for yourself.


Here's Dennis instructing
The MotorMouths as to not babble, tell long winded stories, or drool on the microphone . . .


Dennis did not warn The MotorMouths about the horrors of "speaker feedback," tho.

Once the volume was corrected, The 'Mouths were off and running . . .
  Either Ray is telling a long story, or Chris is developing heat stroke.

"Oh, you want ME to read Dennis' notes . .. I thought YOU were going to read them!"

Here's Racing Legend Billy Lynch getting ready to fire up that Keith Black Racing Hemi.

It didn't kick on the first try, so the guys called in the help of Dennis Quitoni, who promptly get the engine the "evil eye."


An integral part of the Billy Lynch team, Ray Miranda had the responsibility of keeping an eye on the oil gauge. At this moment it's presently reading zero.


Once the engine fires up, Billy actually stands over it while it's running . . . check out the crowd behind him . . they know that engine is running.

There's Chris, from MotorMouth Radio getting some quick videos of the action with his cell phone . . .



Ready to jump in at any moment to help out, Geroge Snizek from Pacers Auto.


After it was over, Chris handed over his headphones to Ray Miranda with the realization that it wasn't running drag race cars that made him deaf . . . it was crummy sound systems in radio stations.

Would you believe Dennis the
"Vanilla Yogurt" Goatman was there with Dale, his Goatchick!

Chris and Ray got a classic shot with Billy Lynch and his dragster . . . it almost looks like the pic was taken in 1968!

Ray and Chris also got a shot with Dennis Quitoni by his fuel altered in the East Neck Auto Service showroom.

It was a great show at East Neck in West Babylon, and
The MotorMouths can't wait for next year!

Photo courtesy Miss Dawn, Ray Guarino, & Scott Snizek