Once every spring, and again in the fall, The MotorMouths make their pilgrimage to the land of Raceway Park in Englishtown New Jersey for the yearly Swap Meet & Auto Show.

Here are some of the highlights from Spring Englishtown - April 16th, 2010



Ray first fell in love with this elaborate little tomato can early on in the Swap Meet event.

Alas, it was not meant to be, Ray decided to pass on this little trinket since there was a good chance his wife may hit him with it.




On the other hand, Chris was trying to figure out if he could use it for anything.

"Damn," he mumbled," if this thing could crack open a beer . . I'd take it home, myself!"



So, the boys decided to just have a picture taken with the metal midget, and let their minds wander on what might have been.


The second time Ray fell in love was with this fine Slot Machine. Chris thought he was truly crazy when he fumbled for his camera, but that didn't stop Ray from taking this picture.

Alas, this too was not to be, since he probably would have had a harder time getting up after being struck with it by his wife.

UPDATE - After seeing this picture, Ray's wife actually questioned why he didn't buy it!!






Okay, take note as to what is sitting in the MotorMouth Radio "Carry-All."

It's the top of a gold plated shield with three swords running through it.

We found it better to hide it in the bucket since one to many male vendors were challenging us to a "swordfight."






Here are some other highlights of the event.

This fine gentleman is either:

A) Relaxed, since he sold everything he owned.

B) Starting early on his farmer's tan.

C)Recently diseased.



Please take note of the extension cord . . then read the sign.

This is the stuff that just makes our day . . .



Photo courtesy Ray Guarino, Chris Switzer, & the Spanish Art Vendor