Some of the Centurion Cruisers made their way to The MotorMouth Radio Studios for a wild show & shine. What they had up their sleeve once the microphones were off was even wilder!

Here are some of the pics taken from the show with The MotorMouths getting out of the way!

Check out the video on You Tube, complements of Charlie

Some of what makes the Centurion Cruisers famous on Long Island:

That's Mike's '63 Corvette, Joe's '70 Challenger, and Tony's 70 GTX, and Adam's '70 442 still smoldering from it's second run . . . but more of that later.


Here's the "Poobah's" '69 Chevelle, and Hank's '57 Chevy ragtop.


Further down the line was Charlie's '68 Camaro, and Bob's '89 Corvette.


Check out Vito's '71 Cuda 340, complete with the slick 340 quarter panel graphics, hood scoopes, chin spoilers, and rear wing.


Hey, what the heck is that doing on Vito's windshield?

That's not a factory option!


The boys are getting ready to cut loose, That's Vito, (Left to right) Charlie checking his video camera, Bob in the background, Hank, Ray and the "Poobah."


Adam from Twisted Metal, with his 442 was first to light 'em up with an unbelievable burnout.


He let's off the brake, and tracks two strips down the parking lot.


If that wasn't good enough, he decides to make a second pass, topless!

The Poobah is gettting his camera ready to get some good shots.


The second burnout dumps more smoke than the first!

Note the strips laid down on the asphalt from the first pass.


Check out that smoke!

You can make out the rubber spray on the lower quarter panels through the still smoldering Oldsmobile.

With the kids securly back in the car, Adam (left) runs down what he's got under the hood to Tony, Poobah, Hank, Ray and Jenny.


Next up was Joe in his original big block 440 Dodge Challenger.

An impressive run with a car that looked box stock!


Vito got into the act with his '70 Cuda.

Tony got some bite with his '70 GTX.



Next up was The Poobah, who put on a nice show with his '69 Chevelle.



Here's Charlie lighting 'em up on his '68 Camaro.

His second pass was better than his first.


Jenny's only commet was that they should have, "made more smoke."


Well that looks like it . . .

Security is calling for back up, so I guess we better get outa' here.


One group shot before the cops arrive . . .

(from left) Ray, Tony, Vito The Poobah, Scotty, Joe, Bob, Hank, Mike and Chris.


Ray get's one last shot of the MotorMouth Radio cop cars, before the real ones show up.

UPDATE: The cops didn't catch us . . . but if you hear an obscure gardening show in our time slot, you'll know why.

Photo courtesy Ray & Chris