The Long Island GTO Club hosted their "Car B Que" at Crab Meadow Beach in Northport on May 17th 2009,
and it was a great show . . . until The MotorMouths showed up . . .
but this time they brought the drier weather, and about ten minutes of sun!

Here are some of the pics taken from the show of the MotorMouths hard at work.


Chris and Ray get right to work at the Car-B-Cue by picking the recipient for the "MotorMouth Radio Award"

Ray instantly finds a '55 Chevy Gasser to drool over.


The 'Mouths inspect some cars top to bottom.

Chris' goal at this point is getting up.


The MotorMouths were checking if Howie left his keys in the car again . . .


Ray and Chris ogle a very "business like" '63 Corvette

      Hey, look what Dawn found!

it's a MotorMouth Radio bumper sticker actually attached to a bumper!

It's on Keith Willnauer's Safari, too!


The MotorMouths have to crouch down to get a shot of this, since 99.9% of all MotorMouth Radio bumper stickers ended up on tool boxes.


The MotorMouths stop to check out some of the recent mods done to one of the car they've awarded.

Note how Ray is studying some of the building technique, while Chris plays with the change in his pocket.

That's one cray-zee air filter set-up!
  Dennis The Goatman, and The Goatones were rockin' the crowd all afternoon.

Dennis brought up The President of the Long Island GTO Club, Amy Perciballi to start giving out the trophies.

Then it was time for The MotorMouths to take the stage . . . why is everyone looking at Chris?

The MotorMouth Radio Seargent At Arms, Dennis "The Goatman" Kulak reads Ray & Chris the riot act on why last week's show stunk so badly.


Chris assured Dennis "The Goatman" Kulak that he will read exactly from the crumpled piece of paper, and not make him crazy by "ad-libbing."


Ray is giving Chris the "we didn't prepare for this again," look.

photos courtesy "The Big Man"

Chris prompts Ray to try and remember what the criteria was for actually receiving the "MotorMouth Radio Award."

Note Dennis not paying any attention . . . and neither did anyone else.



Hey . . look what Ray just pulled out of his pocket!

It's The MotorMouth Radio trophy!


And here is your Motormouth Radio trophy winner - Russ Gilroy with that '63 Corvette!

Dennis "The Goatman" Kulak steps up to remind Chris that he did absolutely no good whatsoever.

And here is the winning '63 Corvette with the MMR trophy.
When the big man brings his battery jumper to charge his cellphone . . . well buddy, you gotta have a picture with that!!
Photo courtesy "The Big Man" all other photos courtesy Miss Dawn